Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Formatting memory card

How to fix Memory Card formatting problem !!
Some times our Memory Cards stop working after we have formatted them from our Computer and not from mobile.Its because Memory Card use FAT16(FAT) file system and through your computer you can format it into only FAT32 and NTFSfile system and if you format it with any of these two file system then your memory card will stop working in your mobile phone.
The solution of this problem is to format the Memory Card again with FAT(FAT16) file system through computer because your mobile cant read it any more so you cannot format it from your Mobile.
To format your Memory Card with FAT (FAT16) file system, follow the steps given below:
1.Plug-in your Memory Card into your computer.
2.Wait till computer detects the Memory Card.
3.Now note down the Drive Letterof your Memory Card.
Note: In this tutorial we will assume that drive letter of your Memory Card is H: but you should replace it with actual drive letter of your memory card.
4.Now run Command Prompt by Typing CMD and hitting Enter in Start>>Run or by typing CMD and hitting Enter key after pressing WinKEY+R.
Windows 7and Vista users should type CMD in Start’s Search Box when Command Prompt appear, right click on it and run asadministrator.
5.Once Command Prompt launches, Type H: /fs:FAT and hit enter.
Also Please note that if you formatanything your data will be erased.

Deleting autorun.inf file

Autorun.inf can be the big virus.You can’t delete it.When you insert pendrive and contains the file autorun.inf. then it will automatically run it self.may be you have not observe any danger in that.but sometime this file contains some harmful code. It can be very dangerous for your system.Normally there is no software to delete this file from your computer.But now you
can delete it using command prompt.
Simply follow this trick...
Step 1:- Run command prompt as administrator.
Step 2:- Go to root drirectory using cd or cd/ command.
Step 3:- Now type “attrib-h -r -s autorun.inf” and press enter.
It will search for autorun.inf file in your computer.
Step 4:- Now you will have results if there is file or not
if you find result of this file then type del autorun.inf & press Enter. This will delete autorun.inf from your computer.
Step 5:- finally..Restar t your PC.

Monday, 10 June 2013

The fastest computer in done by chinese

China builds fastest supercomputer in the world

The Tianhe-2 supercomputer from China is slated to become the fastest in the world.
China appears to have once again taken the lead from the United States in the burgeoning supercomputing wars, developing a supercomputer that is twice as fast as anything America has to offer.

The new Tianhe-2 supercomputer, nicknamed the Milkyway-2, was unveiled by China's National University of Defense Technology (NUDT) during a conference held in late May. University of Tennessee professor Jack Dongarra confirmed this week that the Milkyway-2 operates as fast as 30.7 petaflops -- quadrillions of calculations -- per second.